“What I like about being a Gutter Helmet® dealer is the opportunity to work with the best people in the industry. Not only does Gutter Helmet® have great resources, but the dealer network has a lot of like-minded people focused on growing their businesses and open to sharing best practices.”

– Eric M.
  Huff n Puff

“We would highly recommend any business owner to consider joining the Gutter Helmet® team. Overall the “gutter guard” industry has a bad reputation with lots of products claiming to work. This contributes to homeowner’s confusion as they do not know who to trust. It is best to be associated with the Original product that started the industry and the name Gutter Helmet® which most people recognize. We have over 10,000 Gutter Helmet®customers and are proud to have an A+ BBB rating with 0 complaints. We believe this would be impossible if the product did not work as advertised. Our customer’s biggest complaint is they wish they had done it sooner!

Additionally the Gutter Helmet® team is a great resource for support for your business. Whether you are looking for support with lead generation or sales you will have a great team that is willing to help. You will also be joining a sophisticated Dealer Network that has been in this business for a long time. We would not be where we are today without the early help from several Gutter Helmet® Dealers who opened up their businesses to us.”

– Darian & David Bobby, Atlas Home Improvement
  Gutter Helmet® Dealer of SE Michigan

“As the previous owner of one of the largest sunroom dealers in the country, with average ticket sales of 16k, I was skeptical of owning a gutter protection company predicated on a ticket value only a fraction of that amount. Nevertheless, impressed by the organizational skills of Southeastern Metals, Inc., I decided to take a chance and dive in…

Much to my surprise and looking back these past 8 years, although the ticket price was considerably less, I was able to sell more products at a higher margin, which consequently drove my revenue up considerably, and made the whole project quite profitable.

Additionally, the dealer network is very encouraging and well organized.

In short, was a great change for my professional career and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the home improvement business.”

– Kevin Booth, Owner
  Gutter Helmet® of North Florida

I have been a Gutter Helmet® dealer for 25 years. Over this time it has been proven the Gutter Helmet® product is vastly superior to any other gutter protection product in the market. What is important is the manufacturer has upheld the superiority of the system by innovative upgrades to the product maintaining its superior position in the marketplace.

With large investments in brand recognition and superior product has allowed my dealership to achieve award winning growth as a company over the years.”

– Del Thebaud
  Lednor Corporation