Why Choose Gutter Helmet® over other Gutter Protection Products?

Best Gutter Protectors

Metal and Plastic Screen

  • These products are outdated technology and allow debris including roof aggregate and pine needles to enter the gutter due to the large openings. Debris then becomes seated in the bottom of the gutter.
  • Larger debris gets trapped in the screen or lay on the top and restricts water from entering the gutter.
  • These are generally short term solutions that require homeowner maintenance. They become twice as laborious as the screens and they need to be removed to clean the gutters.

Foam Filter Products

  • These are relatively new on the market and again not a “long term solution”. As debris captured in the foam filters inhibits performance and water to enter the gutter.
  • These products lack “UV Inhibitors” that protect the foam properties and biocides wash out allowing mold and mildew to grow.
  • These products often require cleaning or replacing. Think of a most filters in your home i.e. dryer or AC filters, these require cleaning or replacing.

Shield Products

  • These are knock-off or cheap imposters and are often made of low grade materials and lack sufficient warranty.
  • They are often flimsy and have no support brackets (lack important design fundamentals).
  • They often are put under the starter course shingle and have limited surface to handle water and often water is diverted behind the gutter and can rot the fascia and roof rafters at an accelerated rate.

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One and Two Piece Systems

  • Excessive water flows behind the product and can rot the fascia and roof rafters at an accelerated rate.
  • Entry points can become clogged due to large openings, they are not “nose forward” products.
  • These are not aesthetically pleasing as they are bulky and don’t match the roof color. They act like a “ski slope” as the water bounces off the small hood surface.
  • These are gutter and protection in one and replace your existing system that may be in good condition. They are roll formed on site and not modular, if you have damage (tree limbs etc.) the entire section must be replaced.
  • Often they handle less water than a regular 5K gutter and require over-sized downspouts.

Why Gutter Helmet?

  • Pioneered the Gutter Protection Industry over 30 years ago.
  • Large National Dealer Network, the most recognizable name in Gutter Protection.
  • Over 60 Million Feet installed nationwide with hundreds of thousands satisfied homeowners.
  • Can be installed on new or existing gutters.
  • Modular design ideal for storm or tree limb damage, replace only the damaged sections.
  • Engineer to handle 22” of water per hour, which is over double the highest recorded rainfall in the continental US.
  • Made in America.
  • Triple Lifetime Warranty.

Made in America, Triple Lifetime Guarantee, 30 Years Trusted Quality.